Loudoun Times-Mirror

Sep 21, 2020

“The Land of Music,” a new animated children’s show produced by Loudoun-based arts therapy nonprofit A Place To Be, launched on the organization’s YouTube channel this week.

APTB officials describe “The Land of Music” as a program that will help children pre-K through fifth grade “process the changes brought on by COVID-19 and learn how music can help you be brave, reduce anxiety and fear, and bring people together.”

The nonprofit recently received a $10,000 Art Works award from the National Endowment for the Arts to support the production of the show, which will consist of six 10- to 14-minute episodes.

In the premiere episode, music therapist-in-training Jonathan Jacobsen portrays J.J., a young man who encounters the whimsical cartoon character Maestro Sound, voiced by APTB co-founder Tom Sweitzer.

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