Loudoun Now: Getting Hoppy with APTB’s ‘The Grumpy Bunny’

March 23, 2023

Are your kids suffering from spring forward saltiness? Tom Sweitzer and the team from A Place To Be Music Therapy have got you covered.

APTB’s latest seasonal family musical “The Grumpy Bunny” is designed to help kids process negative feelings and look for positivity. When the cheerful Easter Bunny moves in next door to a grumpy bunny named Moe, he helps his new neighbor learn that it’s OK to be grumpy, while also finding ways to seek joy.

“Let’s just say the Easter Bunny helps the Grumpy Bunny realize that you don’t have to live grumpy every day. That you can have a happier, hoppier life,” said Sweitzer, the show’s creator and APTB’s creative director.

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