ARP Grant Spotlight: A Place to Be (Middleburg, VA)

Apr 12, 2023

Music is more than just songs. For some, it can also be a powerful therapeutic tool. A Middleburg, Virginia, music therapy and arts organization is helping people with all abilities reach their goals. Through music therapy, A Place To Be promotes health outcomes for everyone, including neurodivergent, disabled, and marginalized individuals through individual therapy and community programming.

A Place To Be was founded in 2010 and quickly filled a gap in the Northern Virginia community, serving more than 400 families weekly through music therapy and performance opportunities. The organization’s clients may participate in individual or group therapy sessions that provide a variety of interactive and creative social-emotional opportunities for individuals with varying abilities. Throughout the year, individuals also have the opportunity to participate in inclusive theater performances, recitals, and film or music productions. As a cast member, clients work through a multi-layered creative process that involves memorization, movement, to ultimately play a part in something greater than themselves.

“We often say that A Place To Be sits at the intersection of the arts, healthcare, and human services,” said Kim Tapper, co-Founder and community director of A Place To Be.

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