Broadway Podcast Network: Ep 21 – Opening Night Coverage of “20 Seconds” Starring Tom Sweitzer

September 21, 2023

We were live on the red carpet for “20 Seconds” at the Signature. We had a chance to talk to the star Tom Sweitzer about the journey to NY with this incredibly personal story. We also chat with the director, VIP guests, and more!

To a young Tom Sweitzer in 1970s blue-collar Pennsylvania, homemade meatballs were an Italian mom’s cure-all. Husky pants from Sears were a necessary evil. And dad’s schizophrenia and alcoholism were the fuel to a nightmarish fire. That is the life Tom knew and endured until one day, he ran out of the house and into the church across the street. There, he met a woman who gave him a gift that would alter the course of his life: music. Through song, Tom found a haven, a passion, a career, and a purpose. But above all, it gave him the language to accept loss, let in love, and forgive the demons of his past.

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