Family Testimonials

Over the years, a number of A Place To be clients have been featured in news and media, sharing their own stories and advocating for others. Here are just some of their stories.

Parker B.

Music therapy through A Place To Be has been the most impactful activity in our son Parker’s life.  Through music therapy, we have learned that Parker’s receptive language is so much more expansive than we likely would have known otherwise.  Music therapy has also given Parker a voice – literally – as it has evoked words and sounds from Parker in ways that other interventions haven’t yet done. 

Parker and our family are so appreciative of A Place To Be’s talented and caring music therapists and staff, and we look forward to many more years of music therapy!

College & Career Skills

Ryan, featured on NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt

Ryan Lowry, a long time client, currently studies animation after working with A Place To Be’s production team. What started as a passion soon developed into a job letter that attracted international attention. Ryan’s story has been featured locally and internationally, with features from ABC, Today, People Magazine, Fox, CNN, The New York Post, The Daily Mail, and countless others.

Veronica Brown starred in many of our productions over the years, often taking on lead roles.  For many audience members, this was the first time they had seen an actress with Down syndrome front and center in a production.

We believe this sort of visibility is highly important to creating an inclusive world, and is especially impactful to the young audiences for which we perform.  Veronica continues to challenge the stigmas put on those living with Down syndrome, as she went on study theatre and receive a college education at George Mason University and she now works as a teaching assistant.  

Veronica, college grad and the star of many A Place To Be productions

Social Connections

One of the most common stories we hear from parents is the positive impact A Place To Be has on the social lives of their children. From our variety of inclusive social groups to our frequent performance and production opportunities, A Place To Be offers many opportunities for children, teens, and adults to make important and long lasting social connections.

James Small is a college graduate who was involved with A Place To Be for many years. He and his family credit A Place To Be with getting him on his current inclination to public speaking.

Whatever path is right for a client, at A Place To Be we strive to provide them with the opportunity to cultivate their skills and talents and formulate a goal for their time beyond their individual sessions here.

Ethan T.

APTB has been so amazing for Ethan’s confidence, socialization and enrichment. It is thrilling to see his excitement and willingness to join in during singalong group, get onstage during karaoke and sit in front of a room filled with people to sing and drum.

Ethan’s talented and compassionate therapists have brought so much happiness and hope to our family and a sense of profound belonging to Ethan. We look forward to many years with the APTB team! Thank you from the Thompson’s

Roads To Recovery

Likely the most familiar face at A Place To Be is that of Forrest Stone-Allen.  Forrest’s story of using music therapy after suffering a traumatic brain injury while snowboarding was documented in the film “Music Got Me Here”.  Forrest has remained an important part of our community, a spokesmen for neuro-divergent individuals, and an important voice in spreading awareness of the healing power of music therapy.

The trailer for “Music Got Me Here”, a film about Forrest’s music therapy journey

He has since created the Forrest Stone-Allen Financial Aid Fund, which continues to raise money so that others in need can receive the life changing and life affirming music therapy he was able to receive.  You can read more about Forrest’s story in Loudoun Times, NBC, Washington Post, and many more publications. 

The Miracle Child follows the story of another family who has been with A Place To Be since near it’s inception. Written by Kelly and Michael Lang, “The Miracle Child” follows their family’s story after their eldest daughter Olivia suffered a traumatic brain injury. To learn more about The Langs’ story, check out the book on amazon.