“A Place To Be provided my daughter with the tools and support to overcome her anxiety and discover her love for the arts. Everyone at A Place To Be has been so kind to my family, and as a result, we have built friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Joe Sable, Parent

Individual Sessions

Through close consultation between the clinical director, lead therapist, and the client, a unique set of goals and objectives will be tailored to an individual needs.

Each session will include up to 45 minutes of direct face-to-face therapy. Clients may engage in therapeutic activities such as songwriting, instrument playing, or lyric analysis.  Additionally, clients and caregivers will receive a biannual progress note from their therapist. 

The Newmans How Their Music Therapy Sessions Have Changed Their Lives

“Music was his first language – he could hum before he had words[…]they use the rhythm to help him have conversations”

The Newmans On Henry’s Work With A Place To Be

Social Groups

A variety of groups are offered to meet the needs of our community. Areas of focus include coping tools and resilience building, social-emotional skill building, self-expression and communication, and friendship making.

Many groups culminate in a final project or performance. In addition to these groups, all therapy clients are offered the opportunity to perform in our spring recital, winter recital, or other special events throughout the year. 

“This is the only place he feels connected. He didn’t have that connection at school, or at soccer practice. At A Place To Be, he has it.”

The Galvez family On How Social Groups Have Helped Their Son Thrive
Get a look at one of our social groups, Theater Games

Summer Camps

Learn about our inclusive summer camp offerings

Each summer we custom create summer camps where we see the need—from a “Pop Rocks” camp, where individuals can create songs and perform as a band, to a “Nature Meets Art” camp, where the camper has experience with nature as they create, and our “Story Creators” film camp geared toward the camper creating their own story and working with others to explore this innovative art form.

One highlight of the year is the Summer “Broadway” show. This production has a large cast, and is a fully produced show with all the bells and whistles. The shows are created by the creative team and custom fit for the individuals who are cast.

Social Immersion

Social Immersion At A Place To Be

There are many gaps after young adults graduate from high school, which is why we offer immersion programs which not only give opportunities for friendship making and camaraderie, but a space to work to continue to transition individuals into whatever their next step may be after graduation.

From learning soft skills towards employment, practicing social community engagement, discovering coping tools and resilience strategies, and making new friendships as they enter adulthood, the various Immersion groups are here to support young adults on the next steps in their journey.

To inquire about an assessment, please contact us at: office@aplacetobeva.org.