What Is Music Therapy?

Music is an effective, accessible, and emotionally transformative medium that can drive meaningful changes across many facets of life.

Here at A Place To Be, we use music therapy to promote health outcomes for everyone, including neurodiverse, disabled, and marginalized individuals through individual therapy and community programming.

All of our music therapists have completed their music therapy degrees and the required 1200 hours of clinical training, and they are constantly working to bring the latest and best innovative practices to A Place To Be.

A Place To Be music therapists Hannah Eckman and Jenna Ploski discuss A Place To Be’s mission

For more from Hannah and Jenna, check out the SurroundSounds podcast for weekly interviews with music therapists nationwide

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With locations in Middleburg and Leesburg, Virginia, A Place To Be serves clients of all backgrounds and diagnoses throughout northern Virginia.

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Learn more about medical music therapy, our medical team, and the work we do with the Inova Healthcare system

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