Our Performance Model

Learn About Performance At A Place To Be

Since its inception, A Place to Be has integrated the therapeutic values of music and performance.

We give our clients an opportunity to perform in front of people, whether that is in a session with family, or a small recital, large recital, a musical production, or a touring group.

The belief is that performance has many layers of positive, creative, and therapeutic values.

Touring Shows

For the last decade, thousands of students across the region have been able to experience “The Same Sky Project,” an inclusive touring show starring A Place To Be clients and performers, with a cast comprising individuals with an array of differing abilities and life challenges. These shows give our actors a chance to share their unique story, providing students with a strong positive model that we all more than the labels we are given.

Performers of all abilities and backgrounds come together for our shows to share their story with students countywide
Our performances give individuals the chance to showcase their unique interests and express themselves in their own unique way


Within the therapeutic relationship of Music Therapy, a client works on pieces that have the potential to be performed in private or public events. The Holiday and Spring recitals have become signature events at A Place To Be.

Recitals can be done in person or virtually
Recitals give clients opportunities to showcase their progress and talents

Inclusive Theatrical Performance

Throughout the year, there are opportunities for clients to become a part of a cast of a musical. This experience allows them to perform, connect socially to others, and to work on a multi-layered creative process, which has several benefits: memorization, movement, engagement with other cast members, and being a part of something that is bigger than themselves, not to mention the support and adoration from an audience.

Summer Camps

Each summer we custom create summer camps where we see the need—from a “Pop Rocks” camp, where individuals can create songs and perform as a band, to a “Nature Meets Art” camp, where the camper has experience with nature as they create, and our “Story Creators” film camp geared toward the camper creating their own story and working with others to explore this innovative art form.

Learn more about our inclusive summer camp offerings

“I will never forget when we enrolled my son in the very first play over the summer and all of his teachers told you he would have trouble following directions. To our happy surprise he was a fantastic artist. He followed directions and learned all his lines, and also helped others with theirs. He has moved forward with A Place To Be in many endeavors, and he has loved them all. We are so glad you have become such an integral part of our lives. Love to you all”

Tim Price, Parent

Film & Music Productions

At A Place To Be, we encourage all types of expressive performance, and that includes film and music production. These opportunities are completely inclusive, and open to all music therapy clients. With our production team, clients have worked on original, unique, inclusive and creative projects. These range from animation, to film festivals, to original recorded music, each made with music therapy principles.

The goal of our inclusive productions is two-fold. We believe that through performance and creative outlets, clients find ways not only to express themselves, but to work on their therapeutic goals. We also believe in the importance of visibility, and the educational and informative power these type of performances can cultivate.

Russell Talks About His Experience Recording Original Music
Same Sky Film Fest award night, where clients walked a red carpet to see their original films screened in front of a live audience

Sharing Our Mission With Public Schools

This 10-episode production stars current and former A Place To Be clients, alongside their music therapists, and tells the story of 5 aliens learning what it means to be human.

A Place To Be has been lucky to partner with local schools for inclusive touring performances and other media projects. Team Kentron is a children’s series created to work with the social-emotional learning curriculum to help children develop the social and emotional skills needed to traverse through life.

Starring a neurodiverse cast of music therapy clients past and present, Team Kentron has reached 23,000 2nd-5th graders, providing an opportunity for our clients to share their love for performance county-wide, as well as giving students a chance to see peers of diverse backgrounds on screen.

In addition to our performances and media content, A Place To Be also provides original music for younger LCPS students. These songs are a free tool made available to teachers at the beginning of the school year, and reflect the social emotional curriculum of the year.