Summer Camps

Summer Camps begin song! Spaces will fill up fast, so be sure to register soon. Check out some of our offerings for 2023, and register below.

Stink! Musical Camp

Dates: June 20-July 2, 10am-3pm

Ages: 10 and Up

Cost: $800

Location: The Hill School, Middleburg

Performance Times

Friday June 30, 7pm

Saturdav Julv 1, 7pm

Sunday July2, 2pm

Story Creators: Puppetry Experience

Dates: June 10-July 14, 10am-3pm

Ages: 8-12

Cost: $400

Location: TBD (Leesburg)

This 5-day beginning puppetry experience includes working with a puppet, storytelling, character development, and character voice practice.

Each camper will be provided with a puppet and an individual experience that will be differentiated to meet them where they are in their level of engagement & understanding. A special performance will be held at the end of camp.

Story Creators: Film Experience

Dates: July 17-July 23, 10am-3pm

Ages: 13 and up

Cost: $400

Location: TBD

It’s lights, camera, action at A Place To Be! Campers will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, character development, and acting for the camera in a hands-on creative environment.

Campers will immerse themselves in all aspects of film production taking their ideas from the storyboard to the final cut. Camp concludes with the film premiere, popcorn included! Special film premiere Sunday July 23rd at 4pm.

Mad Lib Theater Games

Dates: July 24-July 28, 10am-3pm

Ages: 10 and up

Cost: $400

Location: TBD (Leesburg)

Campers will use the creativity of Mad Libs to design fun theater shorts. Rehearsals will follow the creation of the short scripts with costumes and props added too. In addition to creating and acting, campers will design a theater backdrop that ties in with the Mad Libs stories. Special performance at the end of camp.

Song Writing Camp

Dates: August 7-11, 10am-3pm

Ages: 14 and up

Cost: $400

Location: TBD

This camp explores the creative processes of songwriting, recording, and producing. Campers will transform a musical idea into a professionally recorded and produced composition. They will learn different genres of music, basics of music theory, format of compositions, and beginning skills for music production and engineering. Campers will also explore applications such as GarageBand, Logic Pro, Splice, and MainStage. Special performance at the end of camp.

Lego Builders Camp

Dates: August 14-18, 10am-3pm

Ages: 8 and up

Cost: $400

Location: TBD (Leesburg)

Campers will engage in individual, small-group, and large-group LEGO creations. Design stations will include LEGO free build, LEGO robotics, LEGO racers, LEGO village, and LEGO Mosaic. Working to encourage a flexible mindset, we will have a build-and-break beginning and end to the day. The week will culminate with a showcase displaying photos of our creations, a demonstration station, and a free build opportunity. Project showcase at the end of camp.